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Moza Mini Mi Gimbal 3 Axis Stabilizer Moza Mini Mi Gimbal 3 Axis Stabilizer
-10 %
Brand: Moza
Moza Mini Mi Gimbal 3 Axis StabilizerThe World's First Smartphone Gimbal with Wireless Phone ChargingKeep your Apple iPhone or Samsung Phone fully charged with the MOZA Mimi-MI Smartphone Gimbal. By using inductive charging technology and magnetic coils in the phone holder, the Mini-MI lets you charge your mobile phone wirelessly. Now you can enjoy the convenience of wireless charging and never stop filming.Inception Mode for Amazing Dutch Tilt ShotsThe Mini-MI can achieve 360° rotation in roll axis without limits. Go from a slow Dutch tilt to a quick pan. With unlimited range of movement the Mini-MI offers cinematic potential as unlimited as your imagination.More Features:Max Payload 300g/0.66lbstrackingTime-lapse Photographysport modeMAX PAYLOAD 300G/0.66LBSSupported Smartphone ·iPhone X ·iPhone 8/8 Plus ·iPhone 7/7 Plus ·iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus·Huawei Mate 10 ·Samsung GalaxySupported Smartphone Dimensions width 61mm to 92mmFAST TRACKINGThe built-in artificial intelligence recognition technology enables the gimbal to automatically detect multiple subjects simultaneously. No matter when the subject is running, cycling, or jumping, Mini-MI can follow the subject from a fixed position with amazing accuracy. This ensures precise and reliable subject tracking.TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHYThe Mini-MI's advanced MOZA App enables the built-in camera to create stable timelapse shots. Now you can shoot beautiful swirling stars, blooming flowers and spectacular sunrise or sunset with your phone...
৳7,890 ৳8,800
Ex Tax:৳7,890
MOZA Mini MX 2 3 Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer MOZA Mini MX 2 3 Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
-11 %
Brand: Moza
MOZA Mini MX 2 3 Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Price in bdGudsen MOZA Mini MX 2 is one kind of 3-Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer. The innovation of the auto-sense phone holder can precisely clamp and release your phone automatically and provide you with an extraordinary hands-free shooting experience. This Gimbal featured with Smart Auto-sense Phone Holder, Spiral Folding Design, Gesture Control, Magic Mode, Fast Tracking, and Impressive Stabilization. The stabilization of the gimbal now reaches a new level with the upgrade of the MOZA classic "DeepRed" anti-shake algorithm.This new MOZA Mini MX 2 enables you to provide stable and smooth shots even under extreme shaking environments also. In this Gimbal, the smart transition design enables you to transit from portrait to landscape orientation within a second, and also the Triple press the power button, the gimbal will easily switch between portrait and landscape filming to quickly adapt to various shooting scenes. It will save time and never miss incredible moments. The MOZA Mini MX 2 Genie App offers an advanced editing system that can output your masterpiece in seconds. You can connect your phone camera and access the basic camera controls via Bluetooth in a second.The new MOZA Mini MX 2 is equipped with the 1/4 expansion interface so that It can connect to a tripod, telescopic extension rod, and other accessories to provide unlimited shooting possibilities. The classic MOZA spiral folding design allows you to travel everywhere with the Mini MX2. The folding size is no bigger than a notebook and can be easily stored in the handbag or even your pocket. Take MOZA Mini MX 2, place the world in your palm. In this Gimbal, the Magic Mode templates to find inspirations for your work. More than 15 different themes can satisfy all your shooting needs. The new ergonomic handle design of the gimbal allows you to shoot naturally at all angles to get the best shot. You can easily shoot all day and you will never feel tired or worry about straining your wrists...
৳8,490 ৳9,500
Ex Tax:৳8,490
Moza Mini MX Foldable Smartphone Gimbal Moza Mini MX Foldable Smartphone Gimbal
-25 %
Brand: Moza
Gudsen MOZA Mini MX 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer for SmartphoneSay Goodbye to Shaky VideoThe MOZA Mini MX, with "Deep Red" anti-shake algorithm, delivers super-smooth professionally stabilized cinematic footage. Whether walking or running, MOZA Mini MX can handle your style of filmmaking. With a maximum payload capacity of 280g/9.9oz, the MOZA Mini MX makes it easy to film even with a large-screen smartphone.Magic ModeLooking for inspiration? Let Magic Mode be your muse. MOZA Genie offers a wide variety of built-in creative shooting templates to make your next movie creation easy and fun. Simply select a style and follow the on-screen tips to create your next masterpiece.Always In FocusKeep your subject in focus at all times. Simply select the subject, set the focus area and let the camera do the rest. Your subject will stay in sharp focus even as it moves throughout the frame.Smart Gesture ControlEnjoy hands-free shooting with Smart Gesture Control. Simply compose your shot, mount your camera, and use simple hand gestures to trigger the shutter and start/stop recording.Edit & ShareThe MOZA Genie App offers a linear editing system packed with tools normally found on professional editing software. Functions such as Cut, Splice, Paste, Filters, Effects, Transitions, Music, Subtitles, and more. Now your smartphone can become a powerful editing desk with the MOZA Genie App.No Bigger than Your PalmThe spiral folding design of the MOZA Mini MX allows the gimbal to fit into the palm of your hand, a small handbag, or back pocket. The overall small stravel gimbal.Fast TrackingClick the smart trigger, and the intelligent algorithm built in MOZA Genie will automatically identify the object and lock it quickly, allowing you to track the moving object faster.Inception ModeCreate movies with impact and emotion in Inception Mode. With a dynamic rotating lens effect, create an aesthetic feel of changing space and atmosphere.Ergonomic DesignThe MOZA Mini MX was designed with the user's comfort in mind. Ergonomic set up allows you to shoot naturally in different angles to get the best shot. Continuous shooting is easy without strain on your wrist.Craftsmanship in Every DetailUsing extensive user research, the MOZA Mini MX was designed to address and resolve the common challenges of mobile video creation. MOZA Mini MX puts the power of movie making in your hands with effortlessly.Expand the PossibilitiesMount the MOZA Mini MX to other accessories by using the 1/4 expansion interface. Connect to a tripod, telescopic extension rod and other accessories to expand your setup range and movie making possibilities..
৳7,490 ৳9,990
Ex Tax:৳7,490
MOZA Mini S Foldable 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer MOZA Mini S Foldable 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer
-14 %
Brand: Moza
MOZA Mini – S Foldable 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer for SmartphoneMain Features:● Light-weight, easy to carry, helping you have a happy experience● Easy to rotate, fast switching between horizontal and vertical shots● Track objects and targets● Pirate the dream space, experience the depth of time and space● Time-lapse photography, recording precious moment● Playing with the zoom, improving the texture of the photo● Simple buttons for easy control of the horizon● Intelligent trigger button, fast switching function● Powerful built-in 2200mAh battery life, don’t worry about no electricity..
৳6,250 ৳7,290
Ex Tax:৳6,250
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Moza Mini Mi Gimbal 3 Axis Stabilizer ৳7,890
MOZA Mini MX 2 3 Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer ৳8,490
Moza Mini MX Foldable Smartphone Gimbal ৳7,490
MOZA Mini S Foldable 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer ৳6,250